OkCupid’s ‘Find My Kind’ Campaign Is Empowering Millennials To Stand Up For Their Choice 

Are you tired of swiping right? Are you tired of those awful dates, where the personality is the polar opposite of their online bios? Sorry about sounding like a vintage ad from the 80s, but if the above are true for you, keep reading!

We have always been caught between two extremes when it comes to finding a partner. When it is our parents and extended family bringing the so called rishtas to us, the only thing they look for is the boy’s earning potential, and if the girl can carry a tray of tea without stuttering.

Helllooo! We just sent a rocket to the moon, why are we still stuck in the 1800s.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have exploratory dating apps. It has everything from ‘here for hookups’ to ‘sapiosexual only’, but this generation’s needs and desires are so much more than that, and they are continuously evolving.

Enter OkCupid!

To put it simply, OkCupid is an app which understands you. It is a friend who knows you inside out. Now imagine this friend – who is aware of all your quirks, your likes, dislikes, what you like to eat at 2am in the night – is the one finding someone who is just perfect for you.

Today’s generation has a very different and diverse requirement from relationships and connections. They are probably just looking for someone to complain about being an adult with. Others are probably just looking for someone to not be able to decide on a restaurant with. While some are just looking for someone to binge their favourite show with.

OkCupid’s Find My Kind campaign promises to do just that!

It understands your values, opinions and quirks in addition to the things YOU think are important in a partner. It is a fresh and liberating way of finding someone you want to spend your time with and for you to finally, finally be able to Find My Kind!

The brand captures their story and proposition beautifully in their video, and you are straightaway itching to download the app. It successfully creates a unique positioning for itself, distancing it from the various players in the market, and yet remaining relevant to the needs and wishes of the customer.

We absolutely love it, check it out!