Bespoke Love Finds Itself As The Central Theme In OkCupid’s Latest Campaign

OkCupid’s latest campaign is a celebration of Love. It positions love in a new light, emphasising on how the emotion (or is it a feeling, what is it?) is unique and distinguished for each individual. One person’s idea of love can be on a completely different end of the spectrum from another person’s idea of what this emotion means to them. Some find love in bingeing their favourite shows together while others find love in making a meal together. Whatever these varying ideas be, OkCupid believes that each and every single emotion and idea of love needs to be and should be celebrated.

That’s how their latest campaign ‘Love Is…‘ was born.

OkCupid used insights from users on their app to find out what love means to them and brought them to life in four refreshing video snippets.

1. The one where we find love in working overtime together.

2. The one where we find love in the little things

3. The one where we find love in living in the moment

4. The one where we find love in being partners in everything

Here’s what worked for the campaign :


What truly stands out in the campaign is how relatable you find these moments of love. As a viewer, you can easily find yourself vibing with the protagonists. It almost makes you want to replicate these precious moments with your loved ones.

Brand Integration

Unlike most other campaigns with love as a central theme, this campaign cleverly ties the campaign back with the brand when they show how the two met a few months ago on the OkCupid app, and how the app enabled them to find the right match.

Crisp Content

With our attention spans at an all time low, the 30 second video snippets were apt for the young Indian millennial. It’s a format that they consume regularly and proactively. Spot on!

In a world where hatred and negativity is easy to find, it is increasingly important to celebrate love in all its forms, and that’s exactly what OkCupid’s ‘Love is..’ campaign does!