OBEETEE Is Weaving Threads Of Sisterhood This Rakshabandhan

As the festive spirit lingers in the air, we feel especially closer to our loved ones, and every year without realizing, we add our own personalized touch to age-old traditions. 

Traditionally, Rakshabandhan marked the bond between a brother and his sister, but with time and some thought, the festival has transformed to celebrate the protective bond between cousins, friends, and all our unique relationships that transcend labels. 

However, there is one special type of bond that often gets overlooked – sisterhood. To honour this one-of-a-kind relationship, OBEETEE, India’s finest luxury carpet maker, has launched The Didi Campaign. 

The camaraderie among weavers 

72% of the nation’s handloom weavers are women. Today, over 38 million women weave in India.

Starting out at a very young age, girls work with older women, often from the same family, to learn the intricacies of the craft and unknowingly contribute to the allied labour. 

These communities become tight-knit families that work together to produce hand-knotted carpets that come to symbolise solidarity, love and respect. 

Unconditional Sisterhood 

The older women, lovingly referred to as Didis, are a glimmer of hope for the young girls who lack access to basic education and skills. 

To commemorate the hard-work and selflessness of Didis, OBEETEE is taking the initiative to give these talented women a voice and narrate their inspiring stories to the world. 

A real-life example of ‘unity is strength’ 

The campaign touches hearts and inspires young women because of its rawness and honesty. 

By working for the upliftment and betterment of the women weaverfolk and their families, OBEETEE is not only paving the way for a more diverse workforce but is also inculcating a spirit of sisterhood within us. 

OBEETEE has always taken up initiatives to uplift the weaverfolk. By telling these heartwarming stories this festive season through the DIDI campaign, OBEETEE is rightly garnering respect and appreciation from audiences all across the nation. This is undoubtedly a Rakshabandhan campaign to remember!