Netflix And Hotstar’s Social Media Interactions Are A Refreshing Change For A 90s Kid

If you are a 90s kid, you have probably grown up seeing corporate rivals hate on each other, and go to vast extents to undermine the other with no costs spared. We have seen it with the Cola wars, from Pepsi and Coca Cola adamant to win one over the other, and internationally we have seen Burger King and McDonald’s continue their warfare even today.

In this environment, Netflix India and Hotstar, two of the biggest players in the Indian streaming world, have been flirting with each other to say the least. It is indeed a refreshing change to see two popular rival brands not dish it out to each other, and instead give their social media followers some engaging content.

Last Sunday was an iconic day in the world of Sports, with an iconic Wimbledon finals being played out between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. As the game entered into the fifth and final set, the Cricket World Cup was slowly unfolding one of the most exciting games of cricket as well. Both of these were being streamed on Hotstar. With the matches unfolding unprecedented drama, that even the most well scripted television shows aren’t able to produce, Netflix took to social media and did this.

With Hotstar being the official online broadcasters for both events in India, they responded to the tweet and incorporated a subtle marketing for one of Netflix’s most sought after shows – Sacred Games. Netflix themselves have been promoting the upcoming season launch for the same, and Hotstar remembered to spice their tweet with it.

And of course, Netflix loved the response.

On Instagram, we saw another funny reference to Wimbledon in one of the comments.

Netflix Comment Hotstar

Twitterati got into it as well, and echoed what we were all thinking.

We love how both brands have been using social media. It’s fresh, it’s new and it’s very easily relatable. Oh btw, if you have been thinking – “What’s Prime Video been upto?”, please do note that they have been acing their social media presence as well. Prime Video has a very unique voice in social media, and very recently they have upped their game with their contemporary posts.

We are looking forward to seeing so much more of this, and if not love, at least some witty banter.