Nestlé MUNCH Gave Cricket Fans An Immersive Metaverse Experience

Today’s generation values authentic connections and intimate experiences. Brands are constantly trying to figure out avenues on how to engage with this audience, and be part of their lifestyle. Here’s how Nestlé MUNCH leveraged the hype around the ongoing cricket season and gave users a truly immersive digital experience where fans could interact with their favourite cricketers.

Tech First Approach

MUNCH partnered with 4 leading cricket franchises to create an experiential digital world for fans. We have seen a plethora of TV ads, print ads and outdoor ads, but MUNCH opted for a tech-first approach that is truly unique.

The brand created special packaging featuring players from each team, which when scanned took users to a specially curated Digital Ecosystem of that particular team.

The Digital Ecosystem

Not only could users entertain themselves with a variety of cricket themed games, but they could also click photos with players using an AR Filter. Users who were able to accumulate points in this ecosystem, could redeem it for both digitally signed jerseys and actual physical merchandise as well.

But here’s where it got interesting:

Fans were also given a chance to enter the Metaverse and interact with their favourite cricketers in an intimate setting.

Fans could create avatars and meet the avatars of cricket players, speak with them and even click pictures together.

The fan engagement allowed MUNCH to build a strong connect with this technologically savvy audience segment, while giving them a gamified experience of meeting their heroes.

The Brand Connect

MUNCH brought their core proposition of “Confidence ka Crunch” to life with this activation, by giving fans a hearty dose of confidence through this interaction. Fans look up to these athletes who have made a mark in the world by sheer determination and confidence. Learning about their experiences, and hearing about their inspiring journeys first hand, must have been a big confidence booster for everyone.

The Takeaway

With users looking to spend more time in the digital ecosystem, brands are finding new ways of engaging with consumers. Users are spending time with friends in the digital world, they are shopping in the digital world, and they are even spending alone time in the digital world.  MUNCH doubled down on this insight, and met consumers where they are present, engaging with them in ways that the consumer wants to engage.

With MUNCH’s immersive consumer experience, users could play fun games while also interacting with their heroes in the world of Augmented Reality – right at the intersection of cricket and technology.