Mumbai Police Tweeted To Varun Dhawan To Expect An E-Challan For His Street Selfie

Mumbai Police, we are falling more and more in love with you every passing day. First things first, can we do some interesting work together?

Okay now that’s out of the way, here’s why we are raving about them. This morning, Mumbai Police called out Varun Dhawan for ignoring traffic rules in order to take a selfie with a fan. Mumbai Police just tweeted a picture which shoes Varun Dhawan leaning out of his car to take a selfie with a fan who was sitting in an auto rickshaw next to his car. Yes, the seat belt was missing too.

Here’s what they tweeted :





Twitterati obviously got into the act as well :


Salman Khan’s driver was also mentioned


Someone tried to question the police force themselves with this tweet.


Then came the joke on the movies.

But Varun was a pure gentleman about it, and apologised straightaway.


Kudos to him and the police force both!

But since we are on the topic, we are pretty sure this will be him whenever he sees Mumbai Police again :