MTR Has A Crazy #WowIdliChallenge This World Idli Day!

What’s round and white and the one true love of millions and millions of people? Yessss, Idli (and in particular Rava Idli)! This piece of perfection has been a staple breakfast item, delighting each of us as we start our day. If you feel that we’re sounding a bit obsessed over idlis, well it’s true. If it were up to us, we’d dedicate every day to idli appreciation, but turns out there is a legit day designated for that – March 30thor as everyone on the internet has been calling it, #WorldIdliDay!

If you think Rava Idlis, the first brand that comes to your mind is undoubtedly MTR, with their idli-cious and mouth-watering Rava Idlis! MTR has come up with a really fun take for World Idli Day. They’ve launched a crazy #WowIdliChallenge on #MTRWorldIdlyDay! Rava Idlis make you go WOWWW, because well, they are simply wow. MTR has put a fun spin on this, challenging everyone to not just enjoy Rava Idlis but celebrate this day by performing a tongue twister that goes like – Wow Idli Khao Idli! Epic, right?

Check out MTR’s video below to get inspired and get whacky this World Idli Day!

We love the quirky energy that MTR has put on this day. It’s light-hearted and very topical. What are you waiting for – go take the #WowIdliChallenge and gorge on those idlis while you’re at it!