Motorola and Flipkart Just Got 13 Bands Together For The Coolest Surprise

A few days ago, Flipkart announced that it had 13 bands on board for a major surprise and created a stir among music lovers and musicians about what it could be. Many wondered – could this be the first major Indian music festival since last year?

Everyone was intrigued. Both Indian and international musicians jumped onto the ‘Bandwagon’, tweeting about how excited they were for the reveal.

The Tweets got fans of the bands excited too.

After leaving Twitterati in suspense for two days, Flipkart revealed what the lead-up was all about – Motorola was launching its new phones in the Motorola Edge 20 series on the e-commerce website.

The Motorola Edge Series has the highest number of 5G bands in the country – 13 5G bands to be precise. To create excitement and conversation around this, Flipkart put out an announcement that it’s going to work with 13 ‘bands’.

The marketing team actually got 13 music bands to participate in the campaign.

  • Dualist Enquiry
  • Swarathma
  • Karsh Kale
  • Arjun Harjai
  • Indian Ocean Band
  • Shibani Kashyap
  • Indus Creed
  • Parikrama
  • Anshuman Sharma
  • DJ Shadow Dubai
  • Aksh Baghla
  • DJ SA
  • BOLT!

The campaign was conceptualised around the premise that the independent music scene in India is steadily on the rise and a lot of artists have recently been launched by multinationals. 

With some clever wordplay, the team managed to leverage the reach of the music bands and successfully created a buzz about Motorola’s smartphone launch.