Two Time YouTube Works Grand Prix Winner : Mondelez India | Decoding how they keep raising the bar on creative excellence

YouTube Works Awards celebrate and champion the brilliant minds producing the most innovative and effective campaigns on YouTube. This year’s winners featured global CPG & Tech MNC’s like HUL, Mondelez, Amazon and HP alongwith traditional Indian companies like Cottonking. 

However, amidst all the stars, there was one that shone brightest at the #YouTubeWorks Awards 2022 – Mondelez India and their agency partners Ogilvy and Wavemaker.

Mondelez India bagged 3 awards this year, including the Grand Prix for the second time, with their incredibly balanced blend of creativity and technology.

Speaking on the brand’s award success, Anil Viswanathan, Vice President Marketing, Mondelez, said, “Overall, we’re are thrilled that three of our campaigns were judged winners in three prestigious categories at the YouTube Works Awards, and elated that Cadbury Celebrations SRK-My-Ad went on to win the special Grand Prix. This is a fabulous moment of celebration for the team. 

Akin to the previous year, in 2021-22 too, we were keen on supporting local businesses and stores to help them bounce back. Our campaign last year ‘Not just a Cadbury Ad’ was about highlighting the spirit of generosity and understanding that enables each of us to prosper. As the second phase of this campaign, we wanted to enable small businesses to promote themselves. We are very happy to associate with YouTube via our partner agencies to facilitate this campaign that has helped us build this first-of-its-kind, self-serve ad creation platform for small businesses that allows them to work feature a mega celeb like SRK in their ads.”

Given how much communication has evolved in the last 2 years, Mondelez is a stellar example of how to keep up with changing times and execute creative ideas to perfection, all while driving incredible results with the help of Youtube! 

There’s a lot to learn from Mondelez’s campaigns which won at the YouTube Works. Let’s dive in:

Cadbury Celebrations | Not Just A Cadbury Ad

Agency : Ogilvy & Wavemaker

Winner: “Grand Prix”

This campaign is a masterclass in how creativity & technology can come together for impact.

The last few years have been hard for small businesses, especially local shopkeepers and store owners. With an aim to lift spirits and support small businesses, Mondelez India roped in national icon SRK for a Diwali campaign like no other. 

Mondelez India leveraged YouTube’s geo-targeting features and smart tech, like Voice AI, to help local retailers create their own version of the ad. SRK became the voice for not just Mondelez, but hundreds of businesses around the country.

The results were amazing: 130K personal videos were uploaded during the course of the campaign! The company saw a 42% growth with sales of 33 million gift boxes. A win-win campaign all around.

Cadbury Dairy Milk | Good Luck Girls

Agency : Ogilvy & Wavemaker

Winner: Big Screen, Big Results

How do you get the audience to fall in love with your brand all over again? Here’s how.

Dairy Milk brought up their iconic classic ad from the 90s but switched it up to make it relevant for today. A film that challenged contemporary stereotypes, this ad quickly became the talk of the town, and country! The brand used YouTube-enabled TVs to target effectively and reach its core audience. The campaign swapped gender roles and urged people to think differently. 

The result? A viral sensation during the IPL season that generated an 18% increase in sales and 330 million impressions in a month. 

Cadbury Perk | #PerkDisclaimers 

Agency : Ogilvy & Wavemaker

Winner: “6-Seconds Storytelling”

An innovative campaign anchored on creative excellence that shows how smart & short creativity can pack the strongest punch in a matter of seconds.

A 6-second ad that encapsulates a whole story! Perk used trending searches to innovatively create cheeky, custom disclaimers on videos before they went viral on YouTube. This was a smart way to keep the brand culturally relevant and do so at scale.

Using YouTube AI, they were able to target 2.5 million videos as well as obtain $500k worth of earned media. The results were epic too: 84M+ views, 635M+ impressions and 20% increase in sales

Key Insights from Mondelez winning YouTube Works Campaigns:

Mondelez used YouTube as a powerful lever for driving their campaigns marketing objectives. They leveraged the platform & its ability to target via enablers like Director Mix, contextual ads, innovative creative formats optimized for the audience. If you are planning your next campaign, let’s look into what Mondelez did right and how.

– Built delight for stakeholders: Mondelez brought on board Shah Rukh Khan for “Not Just a Cadbury Ad” as the ambassador for retail stores across hundreds of pin codes throughout India. This built a strong sense of community for the sales partners and Mondelez who championed Celebrations during the festive season. 

Tip: Use Contextual Ads and build personalised creatives to win over the consumer of your content.

– Beautiful tied together nostalgia and social messaging: An innovative twist to their iconic ad allowed Mondelez to challenge stereotypes while weaving the strong message into a heartwarming narrative.

Tip: Use Connected TV, with a more engaged audience, to maximise the potential of your insightful brand story. Use Brand Lift to understand the measure of success for the brand metrics. 

– Tapped into Pop Culture: Mondelez dug into trending topics and videos for their Perk Disclaimers campaigns and used YouTube to stay relevant while targeting their audiences at the point of consumption for their favourite content.

Tip: Use YouTube’s tech capabilities to find insights and deliver customised content at a scale.