Moment Marketing Done Right – adidas Scores A Winner!

You must be living under a rock if you are not following the FIFA World Cup 2018 and you must not be getting any internet connectivity there if you haven’t come across some amazing “on-point” gif’s from adidas. In order to catch the fan frenzy and be part of the culture of “collective viewing” and “banter”, adidas has created close to 100 gifs which are in sync with the state of the football match real time.

For example: When Messi scored against Nigeria, the gif that was doing the rounds was:

When Salah scored, everyone was sharing this gif:

And when England won, the gif that was seen was this:

These are just a few examples, there are many more that are doing the rounds and being shared like wildfire over social platforms specially whatsapp. What makes it more interesting is that adidas has ensured that they become a part of regular conversations through these gifs and they have gone broad with their approach, so these gif’s not only pop up when you are talking football, but in your day to day lingo as well giving it a Football twist, like this:


We really loved this campaign as it has really taken the Gen Z into consideration and curated a campaign just for them and the virality is speaking for itself.

Well played adidas!