McDonald’s Sweden Beautifully Depicts Its Founder’s Heartbreaking Family Tragedy In This Poignant Video

After decades since the tragedy, McDonald’s Sweden is telling the story of its founder’s family and the new beginnings that it brought around. The spot is called “For Erica”, a reference to Paul Lederhausen’s daughter. It opens in 1960, with Erica being born and soon Paul and his wife realise their daughter is ill. This is followed by the rest of her story, and a tear drop or two are certain to fall from your eyes.

It’s really a beautiful video, about a girl who passed away in 1976, and gives the story the respect it deserves. The video goes on to show how the Ronald McDonald houses in Sweden came to be.

McDonald’s isn’t really known for creating ads that tugs at your heartstrings, but this does that to a vast extent. It talks about the Ronald McDonald House Charities which provides housing for families who have children with severe illness, so they can live close to the hospitals where their children are admitted.

The brand’s marketing director in Sweden said, “It is with pride and a lot of emotion that we present this film. Paul, Iréne and Erica’s life and history have touched us all. We hope to be able to create interest among our guests into contributing to the fundraising we have at the restaurants, and together with us support the Ronald McDonald House Charities in the important work they do for sick children and their families.”

Check it out!

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