This Hands-On B-School Will Have Real CEOs, MDs And Even MPs Teaching

We are in the 21st century, but are still using 20th century techniques in the field of education. We are heavily dependant on theoretical knowledge, with little outlook towards its practical application. A masters degree should empower you to hit the ground running to actually run a business. Masters Union School of Business in Gurgaon is all set to deliver just that – less academic, more real world business. With leading industry names such as Arun Maira (Former Chairman, BCG) and Mukund Rajan (Former MD, TTSL) shaping the vision and the course, internships and live projects will take over theory and books!

Courses led by top industry masters

In a unique setup, one of their best offerings is their collection of 21 masters – CXOs, MDs, eminent public leaders, and even Members of Parliament, that teach their courses. These personalities are global experts in their respective domains, and have made significant contributions to the world of business. Think about it, would you want to learn about doing business from someone who has actually built a business, or from someone who has merely read all about building a business. That’s the exact differentiation which Masters Union School of Business is trying to create.

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Speaking about this unique approach to education, Tathagata Dasgupta, the founding master of the business school said “In medical schools, doctors teach students, practising lawyers teach in law schools, but in business schools, faculty may not have experience with hands-on leadership in the industry. That’s a gap Masters’ Union addresses by getting CXOs, MDs and business leaders to teach and train students.”

Industry immersed curriculum

This program is not just a degree, but also constitutes of live consulting projects, field tours and internships, to ensure students get relevant industry based learning. The curriculum includes best business practices and corporate success stories which students can immerse themselves in. The course also gives students access to prominent business sites on a regular basis for first-hand exposure to various industries.

Unique industry interventions

The institution also has a student run fund with a corpus Rs. 5 crore through which they invest in capital markets, providing them with a hands on experience on managing a fund. “The fund will give students a real-time experience of running a mini hedge-fund and the ups and downs that accompany it,” said Pratham Mittal, Project Director, Masters’ Union School of Business.

Disruption has become a necessary aspect of not just the business world, but also for educational institutions. This is truly a world class learning experience that students can experience at this institution.