Manforce Hits A Homerun With A Brilliant Two Fold Marketing Strategy

Manforce has been bringing the A game to the table with communication that engages audiences on every platform. Striking the right balance between traditional advertising and maintaining a strong online presence, the brand has become a force to be reckoned with becoming the number one brand in India (as per AC Nielsen May 2016).

Conversations around sexual health and safety in India are usually shied away from and even considered taboo in many cultures. According to research and data, many people are still of the opinion that using protection can be a hindrance to pleasure which isn’t entirely true. Condoms are not a hindrance to sexual activity and Manforce has consistently been advocating it with their thoughtful communication.

How do you convince people to adopt your product when talking about it freely is such a challenge?

The answer lies in a mix of innovation and great marketing.

Over the years, the brand has introduced a wide range of products that cater to the needs of every consumer. In fact the brand is quite popular for its varied range of flavours in the market. In 2012, it signed on model and actress Sunny Leone as the brand ambassador and began showcasing the relevancy and functionality from the female lens, something brands had never done before.

Leveraging the brand ambassador’s influence in a multitude of commercials, Manforce created a desire for a product that hadn’t been perceived the right way by many until now. It promoted safe practices not by directly preaching to the audience but by showcasing how it can be fun, exploratory and an overall better experience for users.

While it has launched a number of memorable TVCs with Sunny Leone centered around the products and features, it’s social media presence is fun, quirky and engaging.

The brand’s digital presence is constantly adapting to the changing scenario, topical moments and social media trends that consumers enjoy engaging with and has successfully kept the conversation around safe and healthy sexual practices going.

Owing to this, Manforce has not only earned 32.4% of the market share (as per this Quartz report), but also created a brand that will be in the minds of consumers across the board for a long time, creating awareness and consideration for the same.