This Love Story With An Unexpected Twist Might Just Be The Best Campaign Of This Decade

Evan Sandy Hook

The first rule of this video is that we won’t tell you a word about it. Because anything we might say, might ruin it for you. Here you go!

The reason this ad really works is that we don’t see it coming. We are satisfied about the young boy finally meeting the girl, awaiting a cheesy brand tagline and boom!

But that’s exactly what works. Recall? Massive! It goes to show how easy it is to miss clear signs. You were looking at this video on your phone screen or on your laptop and yet you missed it. Imagine how easy it must be to miss it in real life.

This ad film is made by Sandy Hook Promise, which is a stalwart at spreading awareness on this subjecct. According to them, 80% of school shooters and 70% of people who commit suicide told someone of their plans before doing that. But did anyone notice the signs? No.