Licious Delivers A Khali Sized Buffet For A Khali Sized Campaign

The festivities last week didn’t just have the usual flavour of good food and good vibes, but it also witnessed a larger-than-life phenomenon with an even larger message of enjoying the BIG things in life!

Licious’ All You Can Meat Buffet was a one-of-a-kind celebration of meaty delights of over 300 products, that amalgamated the best quality products with the best kind of offers.

And who better to advocate lavish feasts, grand get-togethers, and an abundance of good memories than The Great Khali himself? 

This is perhaps the most hilarious rendition of ‘What’s In Your Bag’ you will ever see

With a Khali-sized buffet to satiate our cravings 

If you’re curious as to what could possibly make THE Great Khali sad, there’s one way of finding out: a word association game that has inevitable references to delicious, meaty food 

Celebrating the spirit of ultimate indulgence 

Licious’ high engagement event of such a grand scale, spread over 12th-18th August across 28 cities, aimed to deliver one impactful message: the joy and delight that transpires from good food, and its power to unite loved ones is unmatched. 

How exactly did they manage to deliver that message? Through light-hearted and laid-back Reels that find life through our favourite influencers! 

While the internet is familiar with Karan Kundra’s love for all things chicken, it was Danish Sait’s signature dialogue format on Reels that got us to appreciate the hard-to-achieve blend of humour, creativity, and well, getting to the point. 

The perfect synergy… 

Of fun and quirky content and a wholesome campaign objective, conceptualized and executed to perfection to grab every meat-lover’s attention. 

Licious’ grand All You Can Meat festival was carried out with a punch and zest that only the likes of someone as big, strong, and unmissable as The Great Khali could achieve.