Licious Created A Delightful Narrative Around Moms And Food This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t a new concept. For decades brands have championed, empowered and celebrated mothers through their advertising. But every once in a while comes a campaign that you can truly resonate with, and leaves an indelible mark on your heart.

Licious’ Khaane Ke Bahane is one such campaign that you can’t help but see a second time, purely because of how honest the emotions are. The ad campaign is basically a phone conversation between a daughter and her mother, where the latter is guiding her through a chicken recipe. But where the brand gets the campaign spot on is how that is just an excuse for the two to connect at a deeper level. Hence, Khaane Ke Bahane.

Good food just has a knack of doing that – being an excuse to bring people together, be it while cooking it or consuming it.

Through Khaane Ke Bahane, the brand enters into the little moments of joy in our lives. It creates a special place for itself in our stories emanating from the kitchen, and hopes to find a place in our hearts as well.

This Mother’s Day, Licious also introduced us to all the wonderful moms who work at their meat processing centres. The mothers proudly spoke about how their journey with Licious is helping their family’s journey in life. Everything these mothers do often goes thankless both at work and at home, and this tribute was the sweetest little way to celebrate them and let them know how special they are.


This is just the first leg of what promises to be an emotion stirring campaign full of stories coming from the kitchen – be it between friends, siblings, parents or just two people connecting over food.