#LetsRide With JK Tyre Showcases The Beautiful Bond Between A Father And A Son

While a lot gets spoken about the relationship between a mother and her children, the bond that a father shares with his children is equally special. Even more so, there is something incredibly beautiful about the equation between a father and a son. It is a blend of love, friendship and mutual respect unlike no other. JK Tyre has come out with a heartwarming campaign that really brings this to life.

#LetsRide campaign by JK Tyre showcases a son and his dad, experience one of those special moments where an unspoken gesture conveys more than words ever could. The video has the protagonist dad visiting his son, and constantly considering going back. The son relishes food cooked by his dad and goes down a nostalgia path recounting how his dad was not a stereotypical dad – he was so much more. The video ends beautifully with the son providing a reason for his dad to stay with him-by handing over the keys of his favorite ride to him and both of them going on a ride together with JK Tyre. Watch the video below:

Isn’t the campaign brilliant? JK Tyre used the campaign to show how a son expresses his gratitude and pure love to his dad by one thoughtful gesture. Unlike a lot of campaigns that take a very emotional route, this one approaches it very differently. JK Tyre establishes how riding the bike was an integral part of their relationship and childhood, and how it still holds such an important place in their lives.

#LetsRide with JK Tyre is a well thought out campaign that’s executed in a very slice of life manner. It’s subtle and effective, and the actors do a wonderful job in showcasing the layered emotions that exist in this relationship. We loved the campaign! It makes you want to go hug your dad and share a happy conversation with him. What did you guys think?