‘Let’s Get Consensual’ Is Teaching People About Consent Where It’s Most Needed

According to research done by the “Let’s Get Consensual” campaign, 92% of women have experienced harassment at music festivals. This not only makes it important for festival-goers to understand the concept of consent, but it also makes such event the right place to spread awareness of the same.

The let’s get consensual campaign is not only fun and exciting, but it also brings about the awareness which is otherwise quite difficult to achieve. In the recently concluded music festival Lollapalooza, the audience found hookup stations, where they they were asked “Is this hookup consensual? They are also reminded that consent can be withdrawn any time that they want.

Apart from the Hookup Stations, the campaign also used Apple’s AirDrop feature, which sends files between nearby phones via Bluetooth, to start conversations at events like Coachella about respecting personal space and not seeing wardrobe choices as invitations for physical advances.

It is so important for such conversations to become part of these festivals. A couple of months ago at the San Francisco Pride Parade too, the campaign used the AirDrop feature in a different fashion.

No matter the tech used, the end message is what is most important – Let’s Get Consensual!