LEGO DOTS Is Giving Children A Whole New World Of Possibilities

LEGO bricks are amongst the most iconic toys of the last few decades. It has captured the imagination of children belonging to different eras. From 90s kids, who couldn’t stop building brick houses with their LEGO sets, to kids today who build replicas of popular stadiums, ships and airplanes. The toy in itself has evolved over the years, but what next? How do you keep innovating a brand that has achieved iconic status globally?

The brand has now taken the concept of LEGO to another level with the introduction of LEGO DOTS.

DOTS allows children to explore a brand new world of possibilities. It allows children to personalize their LEGO creations.

It’s simple. You build the base…

… and then use the DOTS to let your imagination run wild.

LEGO DOTS are a variety of colourful tiles that come in various shapes and a wide spectrum of colours. With LEGO DOTS, children can create their own patterns and designs. Once they have built a base, they can decorate it however they like.

It can be a pencil holder, a jewellery box, or even bracelets!

Children and parents these days are looking for toys which enable creative output. Children want to be able to express themselves freely, and DOTS does just that. The best part? It doesn’t come with an instruction manual, like most LEGO sets. So the children are not restricted by rules of how the output should look like.

Very simply put, DOTS puts in a breathe of life in mundane, everyday objects.

With the recent advent of LEGO in India, the brand has been very active in creating buzz about this new product. LEGO was the Associate Sponsor on a TV show called “Taare Zameen Par”  – a show centered around creativity and letting kids explore their passions.

The brand also partnered with LBB to host DIY workshops and introduced children and mothers to the world of DOTS. In addition to this, they also launched LEGO Creators Hunt to give budding artists a platform to unleash their creativity with DOTS.

The toy promises to shape creative confidence in kids, and is yet another evolution for a brand which has given smiles to children around the world for so many years now.

Bhavana Mandon (Marketing Director, LEGO India) said, “Children love how they can design and redesign the products alongside their change in mood and through this process build creative confidence. We’re extremely excited to bring LEGO DOTS to our fans in India. Being based on the LEGO System in Play, there are limitless ways children can connect the DOTS, taking all elements apart and redesigning again to help build their creative flair and confidence”