Ladies, SKORE Is Finally Doing Something About The Big O, And You Have Got To See It

Welcome to the International Day of Female Orgasm. This day is quite ironical. We celebrate Independence Day, because we have Independence. We celebrate Mother’s Day, because we have mothers. So why would we celebrate something that doesn’t exist – the female orgasm.

Yes, the female orgasm is a pretty rare thing in our country, and only 1/3rd of sexually active Indian women experience orgasms. Which means that when women were asked if they experience orgasms 67% of them said :

To  bridge this gap and provide a solution for it, SKORE took the matter into their own hands..

They initiated a campaign called #SheComesFirst (kudos on the wordplay here!). First, to really check the ground reality, SKORE asked people about the big O and the answers were so not satisfying.

But what if we told you, SKORE isn’t just talking about the problem, but also providing a solution for it!

SKORE believes that women have the ‘Right To Pleasure‘, and they are ensuring the same. It is a move towards empowering women to explore their sexuality and to achieve equality with their partners when it comes to achieving nirvana. 

#SheComesFirst is a one of a kind campaign, which not only demonstrates the problem at hand by talking about an otherwise taboo subject, but also provides a solution for the same.

Check it out!

SKORE has introduced SKORE OH, a product which will help women to reach the peak which many men have scaled before, but very few women have seen. Quite literally, #SheComesFirst

So are your interest levels rising? Fikar not, you can purchase it right here.

To find out more details, you can visit the brand’s Instagram handle here.