KFC’s Billboard Ad Taking On A Local Restaurant Has Backfired

Fast food giants have been having a go at one another since decades, and we usually love seeing that. However, KFC’s recent billboard taking on a small family run restaurant has left a bad taste for many.

KFC placed a giant billboard right next to an outlet called ‘Chicken Central’ in Melbourne. The billboard read ‘KFC only 800 meters away. Bucket. Why not?‘ This is clearly an attempt to attract customers from this outlet to their own. The owner of Chicken Central, Michael Drake admits that it made him quite furious to see the ad appearing right next to his restaurant.

While brands have been engaging in banter for years, it is usually against other brands with similarly deep pockets. KFC’s advance towards a local family run restaurant has been perceived negatively by many customers.

What are your thoughts? Everything fair in love and business, or was this a tad too far?