KFC Infuriated Its Customers With This Unusual Promo

Costa Rica has the second highest number of deaths related to breast cancer in Latin America. 

To raise awareness and remind people to check themselves routinely, KFC devised an out-of-the-box campaign using something every customer loves: promos. 

In October 2019, during breast cancer awareness month, KFC launched a special ‘2 for 1’ or buy one get one free promo, but with a twist. 

When customers collected their orders, they received only one item. Many were confused, while some were furious. 

The employees would then ask the customers to kindly check the legal restriction of the promotion they ordered. The promo was not valid – as explained in the fine print on the posters.

The disclaimer read: “This promotion is not valid, because just as this legal restriction, Breast Cancer goes unnoticed if you don’t check. Take the self-test and visit your doctor constantly.”

The campaign generated a huge buzz in the country and on social media, creating awareness about self-checking for breast cancer.