Jockey Woman’s #KnowsMe Campaign Takes Engagement To A Whole New Level

In an age where a whole lot of brands attempt to get their messaging to women right, Jockey has time and again come up with campaigns that truly understand and capture the essence of the many, many facets of a woman. You’d probably recall their #KnowsMe campaign which hit all the right notes last year. Well, they are back with an extension of the campaign, taking it to the next level of engagement!

Their latest campaign is a delightful masterclass on how to get brand personification on point. The campaign video showcases women reveling in how the brand literally knows them. Knows that a woman is way beyond checkboxes of shapes, sizes and colours. The campaign effortlessly conveys how Jockey Woman understands women and celebrates them, in all their curves, edges and more. Check out the video below:

What we love about this campaign is that the messaging of understanding women does not stop with their product or the campaign video. It’s in fact just the start. #KnowsMe takes on a whole new level of engagement by creating a community of support and positivity on social media. The brand also collaborated with women influencers online, in fields ranging from travel to fashion to lifestyle, and created an almost micro-movement of happy vibes. The idea is that Jockey Woman is literally a female friend who’s looking out for you online, cheering you on and celebrating your day to day life. So simple, so brilliant.

For example, they hyped up influencers Ankita Kumar & Sharanya Iyer as they packed their bags and got on a caravan in the North East for a month. Jockey Woman was basically a friend, checking in and commenting on pictures, just like your girl squad would.

Their influencer engagement created a snowball effect of sorts, as they teamed up with social media influencers like Harnidh Kaur, Pranita Kocharekar and Aishwarya Suresh in a very meaningful way. #KnowsMe campaign motivated these influencers to engage with their own followers better. Their followers gave them responses on how well they know these girls, and in turn, they created poems, doodles, and songs. Talk about a movement that propagates knowing women better!

Jockey Woman has got their #KnowsMe campaign really right. It’s a campaign curated for women, and even by women – it doesn’t preach, only creates an atmosphere of positivity and engagement. Click here to explore more about the campaign.