JK Tyre’s #LetsRide Campaign Is A Very Relatable Depiction Of Two Siblings

Our relationship with our siblings is perhaps the most topsy turvy one in our entire life. From being our best friends on some days, they are our fiercest enemies on other days. We have fought with them over TV remotes, that last piece of chocolate in the fridge and who gets to bat first, among hundred other things. But, no matter how much we loved to hate them, we missed them the most when they went away.

On Rakshabandhan, JK Tyre caught onto exactly this insight, and released a video which depicted a brother and a sister quarrelling in the beginning, but ending with a dollop of sweetness.

Check out the video :



What really works for the video is the depiction of banter between the siblings. The scuffle over who gets to ride the bike, or sometimes who gets to sit in the front seat of the car is a very common one, and the brand was able to integrate that into the video crisply. These are the best memories that we have with our siblings, and it was refreshing to see a brand pick up a very relatable scenario.

This Rakshabandhan, there have been a variety of brand videos, but only a few have really hit the spot. What this video has managed to do though, is not only make the ad very relatable, but also integrate the brand proposition in a seamless manner.