It’s Yatra’s Sweet 16th, But The Gifts Are For Us This Season

August is packed with festivities and celebrations, and adding to the excitement is one more special occasion: a 16th anniversary. 

More specifically, Yatra’s 16th anniversary; and a little birdie told us that it’s the biggest party in town. 

The party favour? A discount of up to 32% on flights, accommodation, and local sightseeing tours. 

Right now you’re probably wondering, where’s the but…, and that’s the beauty of it – there is no catch. There are, however, some details to be discussed and itineraries to be planned. 

Making our travel dreams a reality 

After 2 years of social distancing and hibernation, we’re ready to get back to the ✨wanderlust✨ way of life, but inflated prices are stopping us from even creating that ‘Goa’ Whatsapp group. 

And if there’s anyone who can deal with this, it’s probably India’s leading travel agency. So, Yatra gave us a special gift.


  • Yatra has partnered with 3 banks and 1 fintech partner to present customers with special deals and offers to help them plan their trips. 
  • The offerings are available between 1st-10th August 2022, for both domestic and international travel. 

The offers look a little something like this:

  • Dom flight – Flat 16% off*
  • International flight – Flat 12% off*
  • Hotel – Flat 25% off*
  • Bus – Flat 20% off*
  • Holidays – Flat 10% off*
  • Activities – Flat 32% off*

Oh, and before we forget, the coupon code: Yatra16. You may want to copy that.

Brb, confirming our long weekend plans 
Yatra has roped in some travel influencers to talk about the campaign and get people on their website. It makes perfect sense: there’s no one we stalk more than Instagrammers with a knack for vlogging their adventures. (It’s not just us, right?)

Commenting on this offer, Dhruv Shringi, Co-Founder & CEO, Yatra Online, Inc. said, “Yatra.com’s 16th anniversary marks significant progress for us in the travel and hospitality industry where we have built our portfolio strong enough to be one of India’s leading travel companies. On this occasion, we are thrilled to announce special deals and discounts for our customers across our platform. We have curated offers on domestic and international flights along with hotels and holidays where customers can enjoy the benefits of up to 32% off across flights, hotels, and more. These offers will help boost confidence among consumers to step out and enjoy the upcoming long weekends or festive holidays along with their friends and families, away from the isolation of homes. We are cognizant of the safety and security measures required for the customers and are implementing them at each touchpoint. It is our way of thanking our customers for being with us through all these years and choosing Yatra.com as their travel partner.”

The limited-period discounts and offers have created a buzz in the travel community, and the launch of the campaign during the festive season is, well, in simple terms, perfect timing! 

So, where can we expect to see you next?