Instead Of Scenic Imagery, China Airlines Shows How Terrible Travel Is In Their Latest Ad

Advertising for airlines has become quite cliched. They usually show you scenic locales, followed by happy and laughing faces and an economic price range at the end, or perhaps an offer. But China Airlines has taken a completely different route in their latest campaign. They are showing things which are making travel sound like a dreadful experience. The campaign is quite grim and aptly titled ‘What Travel Brings You’.

The ad showcases how while travelling you could unexpectedly get pregnant, inked, married or perhaps bring back a gigantic credit card bill. It completely overhauls what a typical travel related ad looks like, and instead gives you the sad glimpse of how your life looks just after you have returned from vacation.

“You never know what travel will bring into your life, let’s go find out.” is how the ad ends.

Check it out!