In A Bizarre U-Turn This Anti Smoking Campaign Is Actually Thanking Smokers

In a bizarre move from the usual, this Danish campaign is thanking smokers in their country. Something doesn’t sound right. right?

Now, they aren’t really being thanked for smoking, but for the way the go about smoking. The insight that they have caught onto is that Danish adults who smoke, also hope that youngsters in their country don’t acquire the bad habit. While, they aren’t able to give up smoking, they do take utmost care to not indulge around children, often smoking alone when no one’s watching.

The initiative is called the “Smoke Free Future”, and aims to prevent the current society to pass on cigarettes to the coming generations. To achieve this objective, the campaign aimed to influence behaviour of the smokers, so the younger generation doesn’t catch on to it. Instead of the usually “Smoking Kills” campaign, which often antagonises smokers, this approach will at least ensure that young kids are not exposed to the visual of someone they know smoking, making it less likely for them to pick up the habit themselves.

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