Ikea And Pizza Hut Team Up To Create A Life-Size Version Of The Tiny Tables In Pizza Boxes

You know those tiny three-legged ‘tables’ in pizza boxes that save your pizza from getting squashed?

Ikea and Pizza Hut have joined forces to create a life-size version of it, and it’s big enough to hold a pizza!

The Säva (the name is a clever play on the word pizza saver) is a three-legged table with a circular top that comes with a Pizza Hut logo on it, just like the tiny version.

The table even comes packed in a giant flat pizza box and like every piece of furniture from Ikea, it comes with a manual. The steps to assemble the piece are illustrated on the box: you unpack the different parts, assemble the legs, call Pizza Hut, receive the pizza, and finally, place it on the perfectly-sized table to enjoy it with your friends.

But it doesn’t stop there – Pizza Hut is also serving a limited edition pizza topped with Ikea’s iconic Swedish meatballs as part of the collaboration. 

An unexpected collab between two iconic brands that proved to be a major hit among fans. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza?