How Protinex Is Helping Indians Raise Their Quality Of Life Through A Unique Campaign

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past year as a collective, it’s the importance of good health. Despite this, a recently conducted survey found that one in two Indian adults have a poor quality of life. 

In simple words, quality of life (QoL) is the degree to which an individual is healthy, happy, and able to enjoy the things life has to offer. An individual’s quality of life consists of social, psychological, physical and environmental factors. For some people, good QoL is being able to spend time with their loved ones. For some, it’s ‘me-time’ at the end of a long day at work. 

Unfortunately, about 46 per cent of adults in India do not have a good QoL. Given the increased workload, stress, and reduced physical activity in the last year, the QoL of people has decreased considerably. 

Considering that physical health plays a part in adding #MoreToLife to an individual’s daily routine, which leads to an improved life, Protinex wants to show people how exercising combined with eating right help in improving the physical aspect of QoL.

Danone India, the parent company of Protinex, has launched an annual initiative known as The Protein Week with the aim to educate people about the multi-faceted role protein plays in people’s lives. 

This year, for its 5th edition which was celebrated between 24th and 31st July, Protinex wanted to talk about the role of nutrition along with workout to make one’s quality of life better by uplifting the physical aspect of QoL.

The brand partnered with leading industry bodies like the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to understand the health landscape in India. 

It launched a first-of-its-kind Quality of Life tool on its website, so Indian adults could assess where they stand and take steps to improve their score if needed. With the WHOQOL, measuring quality of life became highly accessible and easy. The tool detailed out what goes into each parameter. The website also offers a range of articles by experts talking about how to improve your QoL. 

This research was captured in the More To Life campaign.

The idea of the campaign was to raise awareness about the need for a good QoL, and to show people how protein can help improve theirs significantly. 

During the week-long celebration, Protinex executed a slew of activities with experts from all over the country. It kickstarted the campaign with conversations on news channels, and even harnessed the power of social media by hosting live conversations with psychologists and nutritionists on Facebook. 

In collaboration with Momspresso, the platform for all things parenting, the brand hosted a live session with Kavita Devgan, the renowned author and nutritionist, for a conversation on the role of protein in improving the richness of life. On Instagram, nutritionist and wellness expert Sonia Narang spoke of the same.

To reach professionals, it launched a LinkedIn series called ‘The Big Protein Impact’ in collaboration with Moneycontrol where a panel of experts spoke about the importance of protein in their work-lives. The panellists included Keki Mistry, VC CEO of HDFC; Deep Bajaj, founder of Sirona Hygiene; Varun Alagh, co-founder of Mamaearth; Kavita Devgan; and Amit Khandeparkar, head of healthcare and nutrition science at Danone.

Protinex also collaborated with various nutritionists and influencers on popular platforms to reach a wider audience. The brand collaborated with multiple experts of the industry such as Mitushi Ajmera, Pooja Banga, Tanvi Gulati, Palak Sangal, Richa Doshi, and creators like Prerna Sinha, Tanya Khubchandani, and Vivin, across Instagram.

And on Twitter, it initiated a fun activity with other brands – Syska, Wellness Forever, Starquik and Upstox – asking them what #MoreToLife means to them. 

These efforts were covered by national media outlets which amplified the message further.

Thanks to Protinex, the campaign reached millions of Indian adults who were introduced to the concept of QoL and what it takes to build a good quality of life.