How InVideo’s April Fool’s Day Prank Got Them Over 2000 Registrations

InVideo, the online video editor is back with another out of the box campaign! After a successful women’s day campaign, the global SaaS company launched another whacky campaign for April Fool’s Day generating a whole lot of buzz among the online video editing community. 

In the days leading up to April Fool’s Day, the brand began teasing the all new IVA feature, a voice command video editor assistant which creates videos for users in minutes, without them having to lift a finger. 

“Hey, add some inspirational music to my video” – and voila!

So, how did they do it?

The InVideo team created a landing page outlining all the benefits of the AI video maker, asking users to register in order to get updates and early access to the feature which is set to launch in April. 

Taking the prank one step further, Sanket Shah, the CEO of the company, posted a video on Facebook announcing the launch of IVA, just as he does for every new product launch (Psst, they have a template for this too!). If it comes from the CEO, it seems legit right?

Did it catch people’s attention? Yeah, duh!

People began commenting on the post saying they’re looking forward to trying out the new voice command feature!

The CEO’s inbox was full of messages about the feature. People began Tweeting about it.

A few community members were also let in on the joke. They created and posted their own ‘beta testing’ version videos, acting as if they had early access to the feature – asking fellow community members to watch out for the new feature – making the prank even more believable.

But that wasn’t all, the brand was taking this prank with utmost sincerity!

The number of registrations grew steadily as the brand shared the landing page on its social media channels. The brand even sent out a newsletter introducing the IVA feature with a call to action – so that users can be the first in line to get access.

So, how many users were pranked?

The activity successfully lured in users. All in all, over 2000 users registered with their email IDs for early access to a feature, that is actually a prank! The campaign even managed to leave global competitors baffled, many of whom signed up for early access to this feature as they were intrigued.

On April Fools Day, the company provided a link to all its registered users which took them to a fake video creator.

The page asks the users to give a voice command. The video loads, only to reveal that it was all a practical joke!