How Amazon Pay Is Winning With Their ‘Bada Hoga Rupaiya’ Campaign

Amazon Pay’s ‘Bada Hoga Rupaiya‘ campaign is a wonderful example of creative thought supported by crisp execution. The campaign not only gets the message across swiftly, but also uses an intelligent content strategy to support their messaging.

The key messaging is centred around how the value of your rupee increases when you use Amazon Pay, because of the various cash back offers that the brand provides. As a result, you can upgrade your lifestyle by now opting for things which you wouldn’t before.

To get the message across, the brand gets various inanimate objects talking to each other in a cute display of conversations between objects like a phone and ear plugs, between two vegetables and between household appliances.

It’s interesting how the creative thought builds to give inanimate objects a life of their own. A mobile phone upgrading to a wireless headphone and breaking the news to an entangled old headphone is something that we all relate to and is used cleverly to reinforce the campaign message. In another video we see two vegetables in a refrigerator lamenting on how their owner is now ordering food from outside, much like two old people in a society would gossip about a new building resident. These are snippets from real life given to these inanimate objects.

Check out the videos below :

1. The one with wireless headphones

2. The one with the vegetables feeling left out.

3. The one with the appliances in an evening adda. 

4. The one with the bright idea

The brand also chose key moments in the current VIVO IPL, to bring forth a fun take on the proceedings. When one of the floodlights went out at the Eden Gardens in the middle of the match, the brand was quick to do a campaign plug.

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