How Amazon India Got The Internet Buzzing About Prime Video Channels Before It Was Even Revealed

At a time where notifications keep pouring in and there’s an endless amount of content to consume, getting hold of people’s attention and keeping it is a mammoth task. But Amazon Prime Video managed to do it seemingly effortlessly prior to the launch of their latest service.

A couple of days ago, Prime Video changed the logo on its social media accounts. By the look of it, the confetti connoted that celebrations were in order. But for what?

Fans began speculating: Were they slashing subscription rates? Adding new shows? Introducing a new feature? Well not really, but kinda.

The brand even changed their social media bios across platforms to generate intrigue about what was brewing.

And then, it even got other OTT platforms to join the hype. Fans wondered: Wait a second, aren’t these competitors?

After creating a whole lot of buzz and excitement with the other OTT services, Amazon Prime Video finally announced what the whole fuss was about in a Tweet:

You know how Amazon is an ecommerce platform that allows sellers to connect with buyers? 

In a similar fashion, Prime Video has launched ‘Prime Video Channels’, which is an add-on subscription of popular OTT platforms. 

People who enjoy streaming content from multiple platforms but don’t want the hassle of remembering more than one username, password, and billing due date can now subscribe to their favourite streaming services all in one place – through the Prime Video app and website.  

The service currently offers a total of 8 OTT channels: Discovery+, Lionsgate Play, Eros Now, DocuBay, MUBI, hoichoi, manoramaMAX, and Shorts TV, giving users a vast content library to pick and choose from on Prime Video itself. Each add-on comes at a discounted price than if users were to subscribe to each separately. 

Users can even pick from a single add-on, to special priced bundles which are tailor-made for them.

The more the merrier!

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