How A School Uniform In Mexico Made Detecting Malnutrition In Young Kids Easy

In Mexico, one in eight children under the age of 5 suffer from malnutrition. Detection is tricky, because while children might appear healthy at first sight, there are chances they might be malnourished. 

How could one fight a problem that was hard to see in the first place?

So Kelloggs found simple a way to detect malnutrition in children – through school uniforms. 

Measuring the circumference of a child’s arm is one effective way to detect malnutrition. In collaboration with experts, it created a uniform that was integrated with a special meter sleeve that showed alters in real time. 

By adjusting the sleeve, parents and teachers could easily tell a child’s nutritional status according to the colours on the band. Every uniform was fitted with instructions and a phone number users could call for assistance. 

The uniform shirts were delivered to schools across the country and hundreds of alerts were reported in less than a month of the uniforms being rolled out.

Thanks to the uniform, children who looked healthy but were actually at risk of malnutrition were identified and treated effectively.