House Of Hiranandani Is Making Remarkable Use Of NFTs To Celebrate Engineer’s Day This Year

Always pioneering and inspiring excellence, House Of Hiranandani is taking a step into the future with the launch of the ‘DreamVerse’ NFTs; India’s first real estate developer to do so. 

For decades, they have been transforming clients’ dream houses into reality, but the brand’s latest campaign is a little different in approach: the aim is to pay tribute to all the architects and engineers who have created these unparalleled living spaces. 

Engineering Your Dreams

With the intention of paying homage to the engineers and architects who have contributed to the unparalleled urban landscapes of the House of Hiranandani, the real estate developer launched a select collection of NFTs that were sold out within a few minutes of launch. 

On the occasion of Engineer’s Day, the brand launched the campaign #EngineeringYourDreams, which portrayed an amalgamation of dreams and reality and fit perfectly with the brand’s positioning of delivering dream homes. 

As part of the campaign, the NFT owners didn’t just get to own this dream-series digital artwork, but they also got access to exclusive design consultation with some of India’s leading design and staging experts who work with House of Hiranandani.  

Moreover, the purpose of the launch has a bigger and more meaningful intent – to nurture dreams of others! Proceeds from the entire sale of NFT will be utilized to fund the education of Engineering students.

Hence the campaign nomenclature – #EngineeringYourDreams.

The campaign takes a well-rounded approach 

It was a strategic 360-degree campaign, kick-started with a teaser phase to build intrigue, and carried forward with an education series on NFTs, before the eventual reveal.

The integrated campaign had multiple touch points and spanned through social media, influencers, PR, database marketing, and even internal employee engagement.

The Knowledge Series

The brand also created awareness by educating the audience about what NFTs are, what their utility is and how they can invest in this digital asset.

With the Knowledge series, the brand curated relevant content to provide insights and create awareness about the relevance and importance of NFTs as a valuable digital asset.

Making a difference 

This initiative is helping the brand build credibility most nobly: by highlighting their respect and gratitude for the engineers who are integrating technology with their craft for the development of society. 

The interactive, informative, and futuristic nature of the campaign is inspiring fresh perspectives and a new way of thinking. 

Launched on Engineer’s Day, #EngineeringYourDreams was a tech-innovation led campaign focussed on a social cause. It was the brand’s way of paying a tribute to all the Engineers and Architects who have transformed dreams of many into reality. 

The campaign received incredible media presence, with a coverage in The Times of India (digital) and garnered a social response with over 15,82,813 Impressions and a reach of 14,68,145.

Happy Engineer’s Day!