5 Star’s Holographic Statue Of The Third Umpire Is Done Standing

Imagine a cricket match.

Bowlers running in with all their might, fielders diving around in the field, batsman wielding their bat with all their strength, the on field umpires focused with their eagle eyes, and the crowd shouting at the top of their voice.

And then there is the third umpire. Sitting in his comfortable air-conditioned box, doing nothing (well most of the times).

5 Star found the perfect candidate in third umpires to personify their ‘Do Nothing’ philosophy.

What’s the proposition?

In a world where everyone is hustling all the time, 5 star asks people to take a downtime, take some back rest, relax, breathe and for a change just.. Do Nothing.

Enter the Third Umpire

The legend. The bawsss.

The one who has aced the Do-Nothing life, and yet has the power to change the course of the game.

The one who is chilling, probably scrolling on his feed, and yet has the power to make his presence felt with the press of single button.

The candidate was identified, it was time to honour him.

5 Star chose C.K.Nandan as the third umpire of choice, and paid tribute to him with a grand gesture. Move over flowers, party poppers and corny videos. Think larger, think bigger. Think of a giant hologram statue.

Yes, 5 Star celebrated the Third Umpire’s ‘Do Nothing’ philosophy with a giant holographic statue and a plaque that explained the context to passers-by.

But the real magic was the location of this statue

It was placed right opposite the Cricket Stadium in South Mumbai. When spectators left the stadium after recent matches, they were greeted with the giant hologram.

Now, most brands would be satisfied with this idea and execution, and call it a day. But 5 Star is not most brands.

They took it a step further.

If the hologram was genuinely the embodiment of the ‘Do Nothing’ philosophy, why should it even bother to stand? I mean, isn’t standing just… too much effort.

On the third day of the activation, the hologram gave up and actually sat down on a couch.

The statue basically did nothing for 2 days, and managed to take ‘doing nothing’ to yet another level by sitting down. Imagine the hilarious meeting when this particular idea was being discussed!

Attention to the little things, indeed.

5 Star found an idea, and just ran with it. The thought and the execution, both on point. Now if you will excuse us, we will just go back to… doing nothing.