H&M’s New Campaign Is A Magical And Mysterious Celebration This Festive Season

If there’s one word that can describe the festive season, it’s magical. 

There’s excitement, energy, and elation; and all these feelings are manifested and expressed in their own magical ways. 

H&M’s ‘Brighter Than Ever’ campaign captures the eccentricity of the festive season in a brilliant way. 

With the help of star power personifying relatable characters, the brand film is kick-starting the festive season in an unconventional but impactful way. 

The metaphor 

The film is a visual delight with a deeper meaning woven into the narrative. 

Jim Sarbh plays the role of a magical liftman who transports passengers to a world that has everything they looking for. 

The campaign highlights a thoughtful insight: every individual has something unique they are in search of, and every ‘passenger’ on the lift is on a different journey to find the things that bring them closer to who they are. 

For some it could be the comfort of home, for others, it could be an electrifying party – every person has their own take on what a special celebration is! 

The meaning 

Every year, H&M builds on the ‘Brighter Than Ever’ proposition in impressively creative ways. 

This year too, the brand is connecting with its audience by acknowledging their nuanced preferences for the festive season and giving them a celebration that truly is brighter than ever. 

In a world that’s ever-evolving, the brand strives to give people the one thing they will always seek; no matter how old-school it seems. 

The real magic 

The campaign seamlessly showcases how the vibrancy of the festive season is brought to life in the brand’s new line of clothing, as subtly as ever.  

Clutter-breaking and charismatic, the brand does a stellar job of drawing eyes, retaining attention, and evoking an appreciation from the audience. 

It truly is a unique celebration!