Here’s The Best Of All The Reactions And Brand Led Content Celebrating The Verdict Today

In a historic verdict today, the Supreme Court scrapped Section 377, which criminalised gay sex and was in violation of fundamental rights. This rule was earlier introduced more than 150 years ago under the British rile, crimilazing sexual activities that are “against the order of nature”, including same sex intercourse. Dating back to 1861, this law makes gay sex punishable by up to 10 years of jail time. The Supreme court said we “cannot wait for a majoritarian government” to discredit a law that goes against fundamental rights. They declared ‘We have to fester tolerance and peaceful coexistence, we have to respect them for who they are, and not ask them to be who they aren’t’.

The verdict was celebrated all across the country, and largely on social media, where users and brands celebrated in their own way. Here’s the best from all that went down today.

1. This is Netflix India with visuals of shows from their library celebrating the community


2. Durex being Durex.


3. Internet celebrity Imaan Sheikh punned it up as always.


4. Ramesh Srivats wanted the good mood to continue to the kitchen as well.


5. Zomato integrated food in the best way possible. Modern day Amul for a reason.


6. This one was our favourite by far. @TwentyTwoByPai killed it with her distraction.


7. Oh prism, oh prism.


8. Digital Solutions Agency, Schbang created a bang with this!


9. We ourselves got to work, and used the Nike campaign to celebrate the verdict.



10. This one by Social Panga celebrated all the letters in the alphabet.


11. In 2018, anything can happen.


12. We knew it was a conspiracy theory!


What a day. What an amaze day.