Here’s Everything That Happened With Zomato Since Yesterday, Imagined Like A Bollywood Movie

A lot has happened in the world of Zomato since yesterday, and we just had to have our say. Here’s everything that has been happening, movie style.

The premise 

A user, we’d rather not name, tweeted his grievance of being assigned a non-hindu delivery executive by Zomato. He requested a change in rider, and a refund on cancellation when the change wasn’t accepted. The user also shared various screenshots of his conversation with Zomato’s online support, and mentioned how he would take a legal route for this.

Introducing the high on principles, good boy of the movie – Zomato!

Zomato stood their ground, and refused to change the delivery executive, VERY RIGHTLY SO! The tweet by aforementioned person started getting fuel, and our good boy went ahead and did what he does best – tweet.

And boy, did they win some hearts.

Introducing Guptaji, proud father of the good boy. (Guptaji ka ladka, remember?)

After the proud father told the entire society about what a good boy his son is, the other uncles and aunties in the society started pouring their heartfelt wishes in.

Introducing neighbour, Mr. Uber

Uber was like, yo Uber Eats, Guptaji ka ladka is doing so well in life, what about you?

And Uber Eats got into it as well.

Suddenly everyone was talking about what this good boy did.

Lekin twist! 

Suddenly an uncle from another society was like – ‘I have nothing better do with my life so I found a loophole folks’

He said, if food doesn’t have a religion, then why does Zomato feature restaurants that serve Halal food? For the uninitiated, Halal is meat processed and prepared according to the requirements of Islamic dietary laws.

And then, the uncle from this other society started getting support from his society members as well. They were like :

Zomato was quick to respond with a detailed statement.

Many kids in the society decided that they won’t let Zomato and Uber Eats play with them anymore, and started a boycott movement against them.

End of Part 1

The hero of the movie has won a lot of hearts, and ours as well, but the uncles and aunties of the neighbouring societies need to chill right about now. Hoping Part 2 of the movie is a simpler and less complicated story of everyone just enjoying their food and arguing about discount coupons instead.

Post credits scene