Here’s A Brand New Social Network Where Your Laughs, Wows And Likes Are Forever

If we add up the amount of time spent across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all things similar, we’ll realize what a ginormous chunk of our lives is literally being spent doing nothing on social media! Likes, follows, shares, friend requests aaaaaaaa!


In the midst of this social media madness, we’re losing out on the actual joys of social relations – with our families and loved ones! It’s this insight that PS Group Realty has beautifully captured in their latest campaign. Their latest brand positioning is all about family time. This led to their theme idea of #ApnoKaNayaSocialNetwork! They’ve created a really endearing ad which talks to us about the importance of spending time with family instead of being glued to social media. But the best part? The ad does that in the language that we understand best – social media lingo! Check out the ad below:



The ad does a wonderful job of conveying the idea of #ApnoKaNayaSocialNetwork! It shows very relateable scenes which demonstrate how family is the best social network – one where you are always ‘loved’ and not just liked, where happiness is ‘shared’ instead of some mundane posts and where no one frivolously un-follows you! It’s the social media that sticks with you through thick and thin, not limiting your expressing to a number of characters!

With PS Group‘s promise of offering the best spaces for precious family time, their brand positioning really comes to life with this campaign. We love the concept and execution! What do you guys think?