Here Are The Best World Heart Day Campaigns Of 2022

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29th September.

The World Heart Federation founded this global campaign to raise awareness about a very important issue: cardiovascular diseases, including heart diseases and stroke, is the world’s leading cause of death. 

18.6 million lives are claimed every single year because of it. 

On this day, brands come together to participate in educating people about preventing premature deaths caused by poor heart health. 

Here are some of the best brand campaigns from this year that are making a difference in this regard: 

  1. Dhara Oil | Zara Sa Badlaav 

Dhara Oil’s message this year highlights an alarming concern that often gets overlooked: 25% of heart attacks that occur among men, occur below the age of 40. 

The brand wants to make a difference by changing the youth’s aloof attitude and underlining the fact that age doesn’t matter when it comes to taking care of your heart health. It should always be a priority. 

To inspire better lifestyle choices, the campaign helps position the brand as an alternative cooking oil option with a potent message, one that comes ‘from the heart, for the heart’. 

  1. Future Generali Life Insurance | #BharosaPapaJaisa 

The campaign is built around the central idea, ‘Sab Ke Liye Papa, Papa Ke Liye Hum’. The narrative is touching; driving an emotional response while throwing light on some little things we can do throughout the day to ensure a healthy heart. 

Using a father-son relationship to add an emotional appeal to the film, the brand does a splendid job of highlighting the importance of good health with the help of an impactful storyline. 

  1. Redcliffe Labs | #DilKiSuno 

Pause. Breathe. Listen to the sound of your heartbeat. 

The Dil Ki Suno campaign is advocating this practice to remind people to take a break from the stresses of everyday life and channel their energies into the thing that matters most: our health. 

The hard-hitting message is brought to life through real-life stories narrated by people who have experienced the consequences of their ignorance first-hand.  

Which one was your favourite?