Here Are The Best Women’s Day Campaigns Of 2021

Women’s Day 2021 saw brands and agencies create content which embodied both substance and character. Brands voiced a myriad of topics, and created relevant conversations which got everyone talking. Truecaller spoke about a real life story of a woman who went through harassment and how she took action against it, while Hero MotoCorp through the the voice of a young girl, gave everyone a reason to speak up.

Here’s our pick of the most impactful Women’s Day campaigns that stood out and caught everyone’s attention:

Hero MotoCorp

This young girl gives every woman a strong reason to question, to demand more, to keep breaking barriers and to keep challenging the status quo. In this impactful video, the brand pitches how one woman’s actions today can inspire an entire generation tomorrow.


In India, 1 woman is stalked every 55 minutes, but no one talks about it. Truecaller introduced us to the real life story of a woman who went through this harassment and took positive action against it. It’s a hard hitting video which shines a much needed light on this pervasive issue in India.


Through their campaign #BrakeOnStereotypes, Hyundai India wants to end old misconceptions and pave the way towards an equal and fair world. The brand has a long standing vision of ‘progress for humanity’ and this is an impactful stepping stone towards achieving that vision.

Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry’s Women’s Day campaign is a beautiful film with a completely unique outlook, and we are here for the powerful message it embodies!

Reliance General Insurance

Reliance General Insurance created an anthem called ‘Womentum’ featuring Usha Uthup, tipping their hat to the awesomeness of each and every woman.

Voltas Beko

Voltas Beko shines a light on age-old stereotypes that we have often seen growing up ourselves. Through the video, the brand highlights how it takes only one family member to step and remind everyone that #GharSabkaZimmedariSabki.

Dineout Passport

Through an initiative called Femtastic 2.0, the team at Dineout Passport pledged to create a just and equal future, by imbibing the spirit of equality in everything they do both at work and at home.


OkCupid’s satirical video depicts just how deeply ingrained patriarchy is in the world we live in. If a woman is working, her partner thinks of himself as progressive for ‘letting’ her work. If a woman marries someone she loves, her parents think of themselves as progressive for ‘letting’ her do that. They often forget that by thinking they are allowing her a privilege, they are actually doing quite the opposite.


OkCredit’s women’s day campaign shines a light on women entrepreneurs in small towns and cities. Their journey is a difficult one, and is often under the shadows of their husbands or fathers. The brand urges everyone to support her entrepreneurial spirit and nurture her business savvy.


With yet another on-point storytelling campaign, Prega News brought to light the many struggles of countless women who deal with the issue of infertility and the social stigma attached to it.

Which ones were your favourite?