Here Are The Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns of 2022

Over the years, brands have approached Valentine’s Day in unique and creative formats. However, this year has to go down as the year with one of the most out of the box and clutter breaking campaigns we have seen in recent times. While some brands approached love with a multi-faceted meaning, others created avenues for those not in love to run away from the celebrations. While some brands made it easy for loved ones to express love to each other, others went out of their way and professed love to their ex-employees instead.

Valentine’s Day this year was as unique as it was creative. Here are our picks for the best Valentine’s Day campaigns of 2022.

Cadbury 5 Star | Valentine’s Day Alibi

Amidst couples flooding Instagram with photos and brand logos turning into hearts, Valentine’s Day is hard to ignore. If expressing undying love for your significant other, coupled with teddies, roses and cheesy gifts isn’t your scene, please meet Cadbury 5 Star’s wild new masterpiece – ‘My cousin’s wedding island’.

Cadbury Silk | How Far Will You Go To Make Them Blush

Imagine if your special someone professed their love for you on a giant hoarding, or on the front-page of a newspaper. Would it make you blush? That’s precisely what Cadbury Silk enabled people to do. Just whip out your phone, and see how the text on these ads dissolve to showcase a secret message.

Tata CLiQ | CLiQ Forever

If you really loved your ex, you probably still have a soft spot for them. Tata CLiQ took to Linkedin and professed their undying love for their ex-employees directly to their current employers. Talk about breaking the clutter!

Skinn by Titan | Best Said With SKINN

Skinn by Titan dished out a film that captures what it means to love someone, and how it means different things for different people. For some it means finding joy in their partner’s annoying habits, and for some it means feeling reassured just by someone’s presence around them. In doing so, the brand also positioned itself as the go to gift for this Valentine’s Day.

Spotify | This Is Our Song

We all have that “one song” with that one person, and Spotify’s celebrating exactly that this Valentine’s Day.

Which campaign did you enjoy the most?