Here Are The Best Teachers Day Campaigns of 2021

The celebrations around Teacher’s Day this year were unlike any other. Teachers have had a tough last year where they have had to completely pivot how they teach, and it definitely hasn’t been easy. The tributes have flown in, and it has been an emotional set of campaigns this year. Brands have recognised the heroic role teachers have played to ensure that learning never stops, and the country keeps moving ahead.

Here’s our pick of 4 Teacher’s Day campaigns that stood out and caught everyone’s attention:


In their Teacher’s Day campaign, Classplus introduces viewers to the heart-warming story of Anand Sir, who is loved by students and friends alike for his endeavours towards teaching and educating. The bond he shares with his students will take you down memory lane. The video integrates the product seamlessly and shows how teachers can now take their classroom anywhere they want.


Aptly titled ‘Out Of Syllabus’, this emotional film by LEAD showcases how the year gone by was out of syllabus not just for students, but for school owners, teachers and the staff who run the school as well. The challenges were new, but schools persevered nevertheless – securing the future of millions of students across the country. LEAD’s Teacher’s Day campaign is an ode to school owners who rose to the challenge and helped students continue learning, despite all the setbacks we’ve had to face.


BYJU’s heart stirring campaign showcases how teachers became students once again, learning and adapting to new ways of teaching in the last year. They have unlearnt older ways of teaching, and have learnt to use technology they were once absolutely unfamiliar with to ensure the learning process never stops. The short film is a tribute to all teachers who have shaped the future of the nation, and will continue to do so in times to come.

Infinity Learn

There is no right time to learn. Learning is a process and everyone learns at their own pace. The ones who have the patience to help us get through the learning process are what a true “Sikhane Wale” is. Infinity Learn expresses their gratitude to such teachers with a heartfelt film.