Here Are The Best Rakshabandhan Campaigns of 2020

The relationship between a brother and a sister is a rather unique one. It’s one which involves a whole lot of banter and pranks, but an equal amount of love. You can troll each other and make jokes on each other, but you always have each other’s back.

A day dedicated to siblings, inspired the creative minds in the industry to put their best game forward. Rakshabandhan 2020 saw brands and agencies create heart-warming content, pushing the envelope for what a bond between a brother and a sister meant.

Here’s our pick of 4 Rakshabandhan campaigns that stood out and caught everyone’s attention:


Myntra had the sweetest ad this Rakshabandhan. Saif Ali Khan and Soha bring their real life sibling love to the screen through loving banter in a heartwarming video. A campaign that makes you recall all the sweet gestures that makes you love your sibling like no one else.


Rapido celebrated all those relationships that have an underlying promise of protection. Rakshabandhan is a beautiful occasion to acknowledge and reinforce the promise of looking out for someone, taking care of someone – and that needn’t be just a brother-sister equation. Rapido’s campaign showcases all these diverse relationships in their Rakshbandhan campaign.


Rakshabandhan is all about celebrating the special bond between brothers and sisters. This year there couldn’t be a more apt representation of that bond of love, than what this story entails.


Sisters have always taken care of their brothers. Through this campaign, Tanishq explores those who have gone far beyond that, in this ode to the selfless spirit of sisters.

Which ones were your favourites?