Here Are The Best Mother’s Day Campaigns Of 2023

For an occasion as special and personal as Mother’s Day, brands need to bring out their creative best to genuinely strike a chord with their audience. This year’s rollout of campaigns saw brands covering a diverse range of themes, that captured the essence of motherhood in new and unique ways. 

From emotional messages to quirky and fun narratives, here’s our pick of the best Mother’s Day campaigns of this year: 

  1. JioMart | #MaaToMaaHotiHai 

JioMart’s campaign was a ‘moms vs influencers’ battle. The brand pitted influencers against their own mothers, at their own game, to prove a universal insight: moms do it better. 

A unique way to launch the Grand Shopping Carnival sale, JioMart set out to make the celebrations extra special this year with exciting offers across categories. 

  1. Amazon | #DeliverTheLove

Amazon’s campaign was hard-hitting and eye-opening all at once. In a touching narrative, the brand raised a thought provoking question: when mothers go out of their way to be a part of our lives, why don’t we let them in? 

It nudges viewers to be more appreciative and grateful towards the most important people in their lives: mothers! 

  1. Shikhar Pan Masala | #MaaSabKi

Mothers Day might come just once in a year, but they deserve to be loved, respected and honoured every single day of the year.

The brand film is a beautiful tribute to each and every mother, and the special role she plays not just in the lives of her children, but also those around her. 

4. Servewell | #MaAiByServewell 

In India, the gender disparity when it comes to internet usage is significant.

To address this insight, Servewell created a unique Mother’s Day gift: a set of plates that leverage the power of AI to empower women with essential digital skills. 

The limited-edition plates are free of cost and come with QR codes that lead scanners to informative tutorial videos, tailored specifically for moms. This brilliant campaign seeks to educate mothers on how to carry out basic tasks online like buying groceries, completing UPI payments, sending voice notes etc. 

5. Zomato | Mazoto 

Zomato became ‘Mazoto’… because moms always come first. 

For a hilarious campaign this year, Zomato featured a food delivery app that was created exclusively by Indian mothers. The app looks and operates just like how Zomato normally would, except every feature is mo(m)-dified to celebrate moms and their unique love language: food. 

6. Catch Spices | #MaaKaEhsaas 

Catch Spices’ emotive campaign highlights the sacrifices mothers make to ensure their children can live a better life. 

The brand film narrates the tale of a mother who anonymously delivers food to her daughter at an orphanage, and how that becomes the only thing that keeps them connected while they are separated from each other.

It highlights the brand’s key proposition: ‘Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota’. 

Which one was your favourite?