Here Are The Best Mother’s Day Campaigns Of 2019

Get those tissues ready, ’cause boy will you need it. Topicals like Mother’s Day really brings out the best from creative agencies, and gives brands a chance to create conversations with their audience and connect with them on an emotional level. This year’s rollout of campaigns for Mother’s Day was perhaps as diverse as we have ever seen over the years. From brands giving an ode to mother figures who aren’t necessarily your birth mother, to the emotions that a woman goes through when she marries someone who already has children from another partner. This year’s campaigns were thus definitely one of the most unique in the themes that they covered.

Here’s our shortlist of the campaigns that won Mother’s Day in 2019, and are a must watch :

1. Sunfeast Mom’s Magic

Unspoken, unconditional love and all the care in the world – isn’t that the most defining aspect about our amazing moms? Mom’s Magic celebrated the mom in each one of us with this beautiful campaign, conceptualized by Ogilvy.


2. Epson

Epson’s endearing video will make you reminisce about the numerous times you had something missing the night before school, and your mother came to your rescue every single time.


3. iD Fresh

iD Fresh’s beautiful campaign captured the true essence of the one question all moms ask everyday – ‘Khaana khaaya?’


4. HDFC Bank

Mothers get our every little need like no-one else can, however does the reverse hold true? Our moms face all kinds of stress in bringing us up, it’s time we understand their world and give them their much due ‘me-time’. HDFC Bank urged us to understand our mothers better in their Mother’s Day campaign.


5. Project Eve

From harsh insults and casual slang to swear words, retail brand ‘Project Eve’ kickstarted a movement to break the habit of using the word, ‘Maa’ in vain. And what ensued was a day that where men, women, and children pledged to end the abuse.


6. Shaadi.com

A woman in search of a perfect partner, ends up finding three perfect partners for life! Shaadi.com showcased a beautiful story of a real family that warmed our hearts with how genuine it was.


7. Wipro

This ‘hatke’ take on Mother’s Day will speak to your spirit!


8. Parle-G

This heart-warming video from Parle G recognizes the many sacrifices mothers make and the many hats she dons as she goes about doing one thing she loves doing best – loving her child!


9. Amazon India

Amazon’s #DeliverTheLove campaign really brought home the feels. Read more about it here.