Here Are The Best Festive Campaigns From This Year’s Holiday Season

This time of the year is always a special affair. 2022 was a touch extra special. We saw people world-over getting together with their loved ones, spreading the cheer, and basking in the joy – everyone played their part to make sure the festive season is celebrated the right way! 

In 2022, brands across different categories and countries created thoughtful narratives to embody the sentiment and excitement during this time of year. 

The result? Brilliant campaigns with beautiful messages. Here are the best ones that stood out this holiday season: 

  1. Amazon | Joy Is Made 

Fascinated by her fixation with snow globes, a doting father decides to surprise his daughter by making a life-size replica of them in a greenhouse. How? By using artificial snow made with the help of a paper shredding machine! 

The beautiful storyline conceptualised by the brand, captures the extent to which a father would go to make his daughter’s Christmas special. 

2. Sirca | Surprise By Sirca

In an era where smartphones and technology have replaced real-life get-togethers, people are losing the essence of celebrating festivals the way they are meant to be: with one another. 

Sirca set out to change this norm and add value to this holiday season with a brand new campaign, ‘This Festivity, Autograph Your Celebrations’. 

The concept was to upgrade people’s lives with the finest range of products – including premium Italian wood coatings and wall textures, and encourage them to autograph their special celebrations with the brand. Product integration + festive spirit of togetherness!

3. Ferrero Rocher | #TheGoldenChristmasTouch 

Featuring Hrithik Roshan, the brand incorporates the element of nostalgia into the narrative this year to pull off a truly wholesome campaign. 

As he fills the room with his favourite Ferrero Rocher, the actor communicates the brand’s festive message seamlessly and emphasises how chocolates hold the power to bring loved ones closer together. Sweet, isn’t it? 

  1. Coca-Cola | The Magic of Christmas 

This brilliant campaign is a celebration of loved ones – those who are physically present with us today as well as those special people who have passed but will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

At the end of the brand film, the Coca-Cola comes through with a heartfelt insight – Christmas always finds its way. 

5. McDonald’s UK | Are You #ReindeerReady? 

The brand film shows a little boy whose Christmas wishlist gets blown away by the wind. When his parents take him to a McDonald’s to cheer him up and ask him what he wished for, he reveals the part of the list that he managed to save – a drawing of a happy family. 

The heart-touching message shines through: the little boy already got what he wished for this magical season. 

Which one was your favourite?