Here Are The Best Father’s Day Campaigns Of 2020

This year’s selection of our favourite Father’s Day campaigns are very different from each other. From brands talking about the various roles fathers play in our lives, to expanding what a father means altogether – we saw some really well executed campaigns this year.

Here’s our pick of 3 Father’s Day campaigns that really stood out and caught everyone’s attention:


In this heartfelt tribute to fathers curated by OMS Digital, Aparshakti Khurana talks about the various roles that our fathers play in our lives. From being our best friends when we are in a happy space, to being the shoulder we can cry on, they do it all!


Titan released yet another beautiful video, which expanded the meaning of a father altogether. They depicted how being a father isn’t just restricted to human relationships.

Bajaj Allianz Life

Through their #DostiWithDad campaign Bajaj Allianz Life depicted a video call between a father and a son, and the conversation is all too relatable. Check it out!

Which ones were your favourites?