Here Are The Best Diwali Campaigns Of 2022

This year, we saw the Festival of Lights being celebrated in all its glory. 

What really made Diwali special this time around was one important element: a sense of togetherness. After two years of wishes over phone calls and messages, being together and celebrating in person made the festivities feel more wholesome and meaningful.

Brands too incorporated this ‘togetherness’ element of Diwali in their campaigns, and embodied the spirit of the festivities with a little passion and a whole lot of heart. 

Here are the best campaigns that struck a chord and made a mark this year: 

  1. Sabhyata | #ReDefining Celebration 

Sabhyata’s Diwali campaign highlights the prejudices working women face in society and urges a change in mindset. 

The narrative stands for all the ambitious women who wish to embrace motherhood, while underlining the fact that they have an individual identity too, separate from being someone’s wife, mother, daughter, etc. 

The brand strives to redefine the purpose of celebrations and advocate equality with this eye-opening campaign. 

  1. HP | Thodi Si Jagah Bana Lo 

This campaign is winning hearts for all the right reasons. 

It addresses the plight of local artisans by narrating the story of Paresh Chitrakar, an artist who has immense talent, but no platform to express it. 

The brand film depicts how we can contribute and make room for these artisans, both literally and in our hearts this Diwali. To support the cause, 75 HP World Stores across 15 cities are making room for local artisans like Paresh. 

‘Thodi Si Jagah Bana Lo’. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

  1. Asian Paints | Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai 

Diwali feels like Diwali only when it is celebrated with loved ones at home. 

Asian Paints’ campaign captures the joy of the festivities and beautifully divulges the simple pleasures of being with family, in a place we lovingly call ‘home’. 

Piyush Pandey’s voice adds power and emotion to the narrative, and subtly highlights the brand’s core belief: Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai. 

  1. Raw Pressery | Be You Be Raw 

A small gesture can go a long way in making someone’s Diwali special.

This heartwarming message is brought to life through a moving brand film, which effortlessly captures the spirit of the festivities and advocates kindness and empathy during this time of the year. 

  1. CoWrks | #HappyYouHappyDiwali 

CoWrks has a special message to spread this Diwali: take a step back from work and give yourself the break you deserve. 

The festival is all about spending time with loved ones and celebrating no holds barred. The brand film addresses the nature of demanding workplaces today, and highlights how taking a break can positively impact our mental well-being. 

“Khushiyan Manao, Diwali Hai Yaar!” is CoWrks’ motto this festive season. 

  1. Lodha | #GiftEverything

What makes for a perfect gift for your family?

This campaign by Lodha, featuring Jim Sarbh, answers that question, and positions the joy of home ownership as the gift that encompasses everything to live a better life- right from peace of mind to stability to luxury.

  1. KreditBee | #KhushiyonKaLoan 

KreditBee’s campaign is heartfelt and moving, inspiring people to go out of their way and do something special for their loved ones. 

The narrative is uplifting and highlights the fact that every household deserves to celebrate with grandeur and make the festivities all the more memorable this year. Isn’t that what Diwali is all about? 

  1. Nesterra | Featuring You

Nesterra’s head turning innovation caught everyone’s attention this festive season. The brand unfurled their range of curtains in the busy locations in Chandigarh, ensuring an impactful and high visibility campaign. 

  1. Reliance Digital | #DilSeBaatein 

This campaign is adorable, touching, and sentimental all at once. 

Through the heartfelt ad film, the brand touches upon an important insight – making a small effort for loved ones will go a long way in bridging any communication or generational gaps between them. 

More than the gesture, it’s the thought that counts! 

  1. Coca-Cola | #MilkeHiBanegiDiwali 

Coca-Cola came up with a unique idea to get families and friends to come together and celebrate Diwali in person this year: Coke bottles that only open when the sender and receiver are physically present with each other. 

With the help of Bluetooth technology, the brand is encouraging and enabling people to meet and bond over a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola. 

So simple, yet so beautiful! 

Which one was your favourite?