Here Are The Best Campaigns That Were Released During IPL 2021

Every marketer knows that the Indian Premier League is a goldmine of eyeballs for brands that want to make a statement. This is true not just for brands airing ads during the matches, but also for brands leveraging the flavour of the season – cricket! But coming up with a campaign that is both short and memorable at the same time is no easy task.

This time, the second leg of IPL 2021 has coincided with the onset of the festive season in India, giving brands a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on consumers gearing up for celebrations. And of course, brands did not disappoint. 

Here are the campaigns that stood out during this IPL season:


Believe it or not, Fi’s unique campaign is actually just a bunch of PPTs. To show people how Fi can help them save smart, the neobank rolled out a campaign which they literally saved smart on – while grabbing people’s attention unlike any other ad.


slice, the credit card challenger, has come out with a speedy and visually fun ad campaign based on the single proposition of speed. The ads tell you just enough, leaving you wanting to know more. If the company’s slogan “nothing like a credit card” wasn’t enough to challenge the status quo, the campaign with 20-second long ads surely challenges the way finance products are advertised.


There’s nothing more popular and relatable on social media than memes. These humorous dubbed meme ads by HomeLane feature a split screen with people looking to renovate their spaces on one side and MS Dhoni on the other.


MS Dhoni hits it out of the park in an all new avatar – Dhande Ka Doctor – in Khatabook’s new ad campaign. The cricketer diagnoses small businesses with hilarious ailments such as ‘loss motion’ and ‘dependelytis’, offering Khatabook as the medicine to their problems.


Javelin throw champion and star of the hour Neeraj Chopra shows off his acting skills by taking on multiple avatars in CRED’s new ad. From pesky journalists to directors who can’t wait to launch you and make you a star, Chopra does it all in this delightful ad.